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Mercy in Action

Sisters of Mercy Wiri

The Sisters of Mercy Wiri Trust supports the ministry of Sisters Anne Hurley and Margaret Martin in the neighbourhood of Wiri, a poor suburb near Auckland Airport.

The Sisters work from a social justice and community development focus. They participate in processes to influence those who exercise power and make decisions affecting the lives of others, raise awareness of current issues, encourage neighbourhood and community participation and support local initiatives. In this way they are a community resource.

Services currently provided include information, advice and referral, advocacy, responding to immediate need, supporting family/whanau and their children, home visits and prison visitation. Read more

To work with the poor, especially women and children,
to build positive relationships that strengthen families and communities
and to join with others to bring about a more just and compassionate society.

Mission Statement

Contact Details

Street Address
14 Trevor Hosken Drive
Auckland 2104

Postal Address
P. O. Box 98923
Auckland 2241

Phone: 09 263 6464
Email: anne@sistersofmercywiri.org.nz and margaret@sistersofmercywiri.org.nz
Website: sistersofmercywiri.org.nz