A Matou Mahi

Mercy in Action

Working with my own people in Samoa

I entered the Sisters of Mercy in Samoa. My primary education had been at a Government school, but when I went to secondary school I went to Paul VI College in Leulumoega. This is where I first met the Sisters of Mercy.

Their commitment and dedication inspired me in many ways. They were called Sisters of Mercy and I saw that they lived up to that name. They had real compassion which touched me and spoke to my heart.

I chose to join the Sisters of Mercy because of their love for God and because of their works of Mercy among our people here in Samoa.

No matter how busy they were, they were women of prayer and they had a wonderful spirit together in community.

When I entered the Sisters of Mercy, these sisters who had been my teachers made me feel very welcome.

I am glad that I am now here in community at Leulumoega. Community life is very important to me, but with smaller communities I sometimes miss what it used to be like. It is important for me that we have a large heart of hospitality. But, I miss having the old sisters in community, because they are so inspiring.

Prayer is the centre of our mission and the centre of my life. I like my time of personal prayer and the times when we are together for community prayer.

I am pleased to be a Mercy woman in Samoa. It means that I can work with my own people. I understand my own people and I can use the gifts I have been given for them.