A Matou Mahi

Mercy in Action


The person of Jesus Christ and his teachings are at the heart of the Catholic character of all Mercy Colleges.

Our colleges are committed to the education of young women and girls, providing opportunities for learning which are grounded in gospel values, the founding spirit of Catherine McAuley and the teachings of the Catholic Church, especially those which affirm the dignity and worth of every human person.

Mercy education is aimed at empowering women to achieve their full potential in creating a more just and peaceful world. As embodied in the Charter of every Mercy college, Mercy’s charism has a particular concern for the poor, uneducated and disadvantaged in whatever cultural or social context it operates.

Mercy’s long-standing commitment to education in New Zealand continues today in many forms, including five secondary colleges for girls owned by the Congregation. Scroll down to visit the college websites.

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Many of the primary and secondary schools formerly established and staffed by the Sisters of Mercy retain strong links with the Mercy charism.

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