Te Taha Wairua


Contexting our Spirituality

It was the divine love at the centre of her life which led Catherine in search of a more human kind of world.
It’s the same impulse that finds Mercy people today wanting to address the unjust systems that affect those at the edges of society.
The vision of how things might be is born by encountering life as it really is; Mercy praxis is shaped by a thoughtful, prayerful reading of the signs of our times.

Imaging Mercy Today June 2009

‘Mercy International Association’s global action is to develop a programme based on the grassroots stories of Mercy work throughout the world, which is firmly rooted in theological reflection for social action and which will develop policy and advocacy positions to influence change.’

Click here to see examples of Mercy Global Action at work.

Further web based resources for contexting spirituality include: