Te Taha Wairua


…centred in God…


Lives that are centred in God are well placed for keeping hope alive. Far from being just wishful thinking, that hope is grounded in the very modern perception that God is at work in an unfolding, unfinished universe.

Perhaps today, Catherine McAuley may question us as to whether our commitment to Mercy succeeds in revealing the nurturing, mothering God at the heart of our universe, whose constant labouring brings an evolving world to birth.

E pupiri ana te atawhai i a te Atua i tona aroha.
Mercy holds us in God's loving care.
Catherine McAuley

The Gospel challenges us to reflect “who is my neighbour?” This focus on our interconnectedness with others, especially with those whose lives we seek to touch and transform, explains why te mana whakahaere – mutual enhancement – is one of Mercy’s core values. In our willingness to walk alongside others we allow ourselves to be changed and enriched by those we accompany.