Te Ara Whakawhitiwhiti

Being Involved

...impelled to be Mercy...


God’s mercy is inclusive and all encompassing. We are all called to participate in God’s mission and make it visible in the way we live as people who share what we have received.

For a century or more, Mercy ministry was carried out mainly by vowed religious living in community. These days, Mercy ministries are also sustained by companions in mission, lay women and men from many different cultures and faith traditions.

He atawhai... ta matou kaupapa matua
Mercy... the business of our lives

Catherine McAuley

Mercy’s work is a ministry. It is not just about delivering services, but about proclaiming the gospel and responding to the unmet needs of our time.

Today, being involved calls for a shift in perspective: from being guardians of inherited structures and ways of working, to becoming creators of new patterns of involvement; from simply preserving what has been handed down, to enhancing today’s ministries for tomorrow’s mission.