Te Ara Whakawhitiwhiti

Being Involved

Becoming a Sister

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Every life is a gift of God, unique, personal and sacred.
How you choose to live it makes all the difference
in the world and to the world.

Are you attracted to…
deepening your relationship with God
• bringing hope by allowing God’s love to flow through you
• living the Gospel in the Church and in the world
• Catherine McAuley – her life and charism
• serving those who are poor and in need
• growing in mercy and compassion
• giving yourself in service of others and Earth
• living a life with others in prayer, community and mission
• using your gifts generously to make a difference

Is God inviting you, as a Catholic woman, to live your vocation in life as a Sister of Mercy? You may want further information or like to chat with a Sister of Mercy about Mercy life. You are welcome to contact a Vocations Team member on vocations@mercy.org.nz

A Vocation is …
A call to live            to be
A call to growth     to do
A call to faith        to believe
A call to follow     to discipleship
A call to serve     to love deeply as a member of the Body of Christ
A call to an ordinary person to live an extraordinary way of life with God in service of God’s people and Earth.

Click below to read more about becoming a Sister of Mercy or contact vocations@mercy.org.nz

The pathway to becoming a Sister of Mercy