He Panui


Whakanuia Jubilee

In this Year of Consecrated Life Pope Francis calls on all religious to ‘wake up the world’ through the witness of their faith, holiness and hope and points out that "the effectiveness of religious life does not depend on the efficiency of its methods, “but on the eloquence of our lives, lives which radiate the joy and beauty of living the gospel and following Christ to the full.”

Nine Sisters of Mercy recently celebrated their jubilees of religious profession and witness to ‘faith, holiness and hope’ over fifty and sixty years.

Top: Eileen Brosnahan, Agnes Finucane and Clare Mulrooney (Diamond), Josie Dolan (Golden)
Middle: Rita Vessey and Anne Hurley (Golden)
Bottom: Maureen O’Brien, Margaret Ellen Dougherty and Frances Stewart (Diamond)

Congratulations sisters – may your jubilee year be filled with many blessings!

Kia hari koa, ka uru tera wairua ki tena ki tena.
Be cheerful and happy, generating life in those around you.
Catherine McAuley

Mercy vowed life is a particular expression of the mercy of God in our world.

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