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Te Whakaruruhau mo nga iwi katoa Shelter for All

As part of the Shelter for All reflection and action project, 20 September has been earmarked for a pilgrimage and public witness at Parliament House in Wellington, preceded by a letter-writing campaign to Members of Parliament. “There is power in numbers and our hope is to have every adult, child, staff member, client, volunteer, friend, board member, parent and family member associated with any of our ministries sign or write a letter into our petition books,” says Congregation Leader Sister Katrina Fabish.

September is traditionally kept as Te Marama Atawhai Mercy Month, and ceremonies on the theme of Shelter for All are being held in most of Mercy’s healthcare, education and community development ministries during this time. As well as signing letters to MPs, groups within Mercy ministries are collecting food and bedding to share with needy families.

An information pack prepared for the Shelter for All project includes articles around homelessness and related issues. Click below to read some of these:


 Quoting Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Sister Katrina encourages all engaged in Mercy ministry “to make ‘Mercy the business of our lives,’ so that we have a world made better through our care.”

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