He Panui


Mercy Sisters worldwide write to Pope Francis on Mercy Day

The worldwide association of the Sisters of Mercy (Mercy International Association) has written to Pope Francis on the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of Mercy (24 September) expressing peace, joy and the deepest gratitude for his ministry of leadership within the Church.

In particular the letter thanks Pope Francis for "reminding us yet again that we not only receive God’s mercy but we are invited by our God to actively and passionately live mercy by responding to the urgent cry of the Earth and all Earth’s beings (human and other-than-human).

Sisters of Mercy accept with joy the invitation to celebrate the Jubilee Year of Mercy. We will engage in an international reflection process intended to provide ways for our Sisters and partners in Mercy to explore and discern a shared response to the urgent cry of the Earth and all Earth’s beings.

Watch this site for updates on the Mercy International Reflection Process..