He Panui


Imaging Mercy Today November 2011

In this issue we reflect on Catherine McAuley’s good cup of tea, celebrated worldwide on 11 November, the anniversary of her death.

‘The message of the comfortable cup of tea is a profound one. It is a sign for all Mercy people of their life together. Catherine asks us to be sisters and brothers to one another, and to trust that if we turn to one another in times of joy and sorrow we will find God in that interaction.  And as like as not, we’ll find Catherine’s spirit as well. This is her final call, urging a loving community amongst us.

The lesson Catherine teaches here is not just for her sisters, but for all who are moved by her spirit to be people of Mercy. We can produce the harvest that bears her hallmark, only if the relationship among ourselves is one of loving regard for what each one has to contribute.’

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