He Panui


Hope in a time of pandemic – new ways of being Mercy

It’s 193 years ago this Thursday 24 September since Catherine’s house of Mercy opened in Baggot Street, Dublin, launching a story that is still unfolding within the days of our lives. The event will be marked by a Mass pre-recorded and streamed around the world from the chapel in which she prayed. Whether or not we catch that celebration, all of us can draw inspiration from her call to be shining
lamps “giving light to all around us.”

Te Puna Atawhai - Font of Mercy September 2020

Te Puna Atawhai – Font of Mercy

This is the first edition of a new monthly reflection, to be shared among
Sisters of Mercy in Aotearoa and their partners in mission. It comes on
the heels of Imaging Mercy Today and a variety of earlier publications as our
ministries have evolved – Mercy Link and Mercy Today, Mana Atawhai
and Te Kete Atawhai. With each reflection will come the invitation to
stop for a moment to be in touch with our hearts, to see what mercy
may be asking of us. As well, there will be a call to share with another
person whatever our heart is telling us. A blessing on all you hope and
dream for on your Mercy way.