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Homeopathy Practice

Kia ora. My name is Linda van Bussel and I am a Sister of Mercy with a ministry in homeopathy.
I am a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in a variety of roles: in emergency care, in the community as a practice and district nurse and recently as a nurse educator I have been teaching registered nurses an assessment tool for aged care.

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The ministry of healing is at the heart of who I am. Many experiences of my life led me to becoming a nurse. From this came my call to religious life as a Sister of Mercy where the healing works of Jesus called me to a deepening relationship with God and to respond to God’s mercy and healing. This inspiration continues in my call as a Sister of Mercy and the inspiration of Catherine McAuley continues to guide me. Catherine understood the holistic need to help the poor sick. It is from this deeper understanding of looking after the whole person and the search for more natural healing opportunities that I was called to homeopathy.

One of the main principles of homeopathy is to listen without prejudice and be non-judgemental. Homeopathy is a modality of health care that looks at the whole person not just the disease. Thus my practice is focused on a holistic model of care where the person, and the science, art, and mercy/compassion of homeopathy meet. Through this trinity of care a client is listened to with dignity and without prejudice or discrimination.

The practice of homeopathy respects the faith, beliefs, culture and customs of those for whom and with whom we work. The values of confidentiality, privacy, and integrity are upheld thus working in right relationship with clients and their families. The potential for personal growth is recognised as clients journey towards inner peace and joy and a sense of well-being.

As a homeopath I go beyond asking what is the presenting condition or problem. It is the particular unique response of each client that is important in the consultation. Each has a unique response to the disease process. Family history, past and present illnesses, emotional difficulties, individual sensitivities and many other aspects are discussed in the consultation.

As a homeopath I assist the client to understand how seemingly separate symptoms can be related. Then a homeopathic remedy is chosen that matches as closely as possible all the symptoms. Homeopathy is an alternative health modality that can be used alongside the traditional medical model or by itself if that is appropriate.

It is in the action of sitting and listening that I often recall my favourite scripture passage – the woman at the well. This passage was the inspiration for the logo of the clinic. The fern frond creates the shape of the well and the unfurling frond signifies the healing of the person and of course in all of this is the presence of the living water of Christ.