When Catherine McAuley opened her first House of Mercy in Dublin in 1827, she described the works of mercy as the ‘business of the lives’ of all who shared her dream of relieving the sick, the poor and the uneducated.

It was volunteers who joined Catherine in the first House of Mercy to build her vision for a world where God’s generous love and mercy are experienced by all.

Today sisters and lay people cherish this same practical vision. We work together to meet the changing needs of people in our community – ‘impelled to be Mercy, keeping hope alive in our world today.’ 

Mercy Hospice Auckland volunteers
Atawhai Mercy Assisi volunteers

Mercy Hospice Auckland, Te Waipuna Puawai and Atawhai Mercy Assisi are examples of ministries with volunteer programmes.


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To find out more about volunteering for Mercy, contact a Mercy ministry or a Sister of Mercy in your area.